I enjoy being a visual treat for you; I want your fingers to be captivated by the touch of my skin. I want your eyes to feel like they have a visual feast before them, one they can devour at leisure. I work out regularly to keep up my appearance. If you liked my photos, you will like what you see.

While we are together, I want to spend my time focused on you! Please provide me with an unsealed envelope containing the cash donation within the first few minutes, then the entire rest of our rendezvous will be focused upon getting to know each other. I do expect that you will be freshly cleaned and presentable for me, and please have nice, fresh breath. I do not smoke tobacco or drink alcohol.

My time is very valuable, as is yours. Please let me know if your doing to be late for your appointment; I may make other plans if you have not showed within 15 minutes of your appointment. In addition, I will have other engagements afterwords; you will not be able to stay late to make up for your tardiness. I allow one canceled appointment before blacklisting you.

Please do not ask me for time off the clock. If we go over on our time, please be mindful of my rates and have the proper amount on hand to compensate for it. That’s the best way to let me know you are respectful of me, and I do only like to be with respectful people!